Our Brands

Over the course of almost two decades, we have proudly designed, formulated and brought to market numerous cutting-edge products and solutions. We have, and continue to serve new and existing customer needs by identifying and filling marketplace voids.
A selection of our premium brands:
cAMPFIRETM is a thermogenic fat loss agent formulated to upregulate mitochondrial uncoupling proteins (UCPs).
NE-ALZ-138TM is an experimental amyloid beta (aβ) clearance and neurofibrillary untangling catalyst.
VertiliTM is an advanced prenatal vitamin and mineral formula formulated to provide a full spectrum of essential compounds pre, during and post-conception.
UNO Once DailyTM is an organic high-protein superfood energy bar free of artificial colors, flavors and fillers.
Thyroid-KITM is a potassium iodide supplement formulated to support optimal thyroid health.
RapidDefendTM is a series of sanitary and diagnostic solutions designed to support optimal hygiene practices and immune function.
CopperField+TM is a series of copper-based textile solutions designed to promote superior circulation and blood flow during exercise and physical activity.
KOMBUTM is a non-carbonated organic kombucha tonic naturally brewed to preserve native bioactive compounds.
Fertili-PlusTM is an multivitamin and mineral formula formulated to provide a balanced spectrum of essential vitamins and mineral preconception.
We are a premier supplier, distributor and manufacturer of functional health ingredients and finished consumer goods to the wholesale and retail markets.